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Course Map

2019 Flemington Mud Run Obstacles

Check out last year's course map, with fun, challenging and, of course, very muddy obstacles created with the help of our generous sponsors: 
  1. Andy Hunter Dam Crossing
  2. Hello World Mud Pool
  3. Isaac’s Pumping and Electrical Maze
  4. Pahiwi Rams Pyramid
  5. FairShear Woolshed Challenge
  6. Fairview Livestock Stump Run
  7. Anderson Contracting Trench
  8. Vet Services Gut Buster
  9. Ballance Agri Mudslide
  10. Hutchinson Earthworks Bog
  11. Simon McDonald Livestock Creek Run
  12. Axis Design Tyre Tunnel
  13. Heartland Seeds Barbed Wire Crawl
  14. Ben Allen Transport Forest Cruise
  15. Cervus Creek Ramble
  16. Foley Agrisystems Dam & Tyre Crossings
  17. ANZ Drink Station
  18. PGG Wrightson Real Estate Polar Plunge
  19. Bold Lampshades Culvert Squeeze
  20. Hansen Livestock Ditch Stampede
  21. Reisima Transport Spring Climb
  22. Farmlands Tyre Squeeze
  23. Stephenson Transport Trailer Maze
  24. New World Vertical Challenge
  25. Narelle McCormick Harcourts CHB Tunnel of Terror
  26. ASB Tyre Wall
  27. Fishing & Shooting CHB Duck Decoy