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About us

Flemington School is a rural, co-educational school catering for students from Year 1 to Year 8 in the heart of Flemington, about 20 kilometres south of Waipukurau in Central Hawke's Bay.

Currently there are approximately 90 children at Flemington School in five modern, spacious classrooms, which are complemented by two fantastic teacher aides and other support staff who help keep the school running.

The teacher aides and some extra teacher time is funded by the Flemington Parents and Friends Group (PFG) and wider community through a range of fundraising events. The school is heavily reliant on bus transport, with 95% of children busing from their homes to school each day.

Our school families consist of farm owners, farm workers, town workers and business owners. The majority of families live within, or in close proximity to the Flemington District. Some families live in town or in other country school areas but have chosen Flemington School as the preferred school for their children.

The Mud Run is organised each year by the PFG to ensure that Flemington kids get sporting equipment, extra learning support, up-to-date technology and school camps, along with the books and resources they require throughout the year.